Kid Care, Inc. Tuition Rates

NO COST Child Care is available for eligible

      families through the Early Head Start 

Program!  Contact us today for more details!


              Under 2 Years Old: $4.59/hr

              Over 2 Years Old: $4.00/hr


              Under 2 Years Old: $5.16/hr

              Over 2 Years Old: $4.59/hr


Payment Policies


All accounts will be charged based on the number of hours scheduled.


Tuition payments are due on Monday or the first day of the child's return for the previous week's services.

Additional fees will apply for late pick-ups, after hours pick-ups, late payments, or returned checks.

Kid Care, Inc. & WI Shares Child Care Subsidy


The State of Wisconsin offers financial assistance for childcare tuition payments for qualifying families. Follow the link below to find out if you are eligible for childcare assistance!




Note: Co-Payments may still apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about tuition rates and/or WI Shares!