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The Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum is an all-inclusive curriculum that lets the teachers focus on developing skills while building relationships with each child and taking great care of each child’s individual needs.  The Creative Curriculum helps teachers plan goals in Social-Emotional Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development, and Language Development. 


The Creative Curriculum is built on a foundation that outlines theory and research to explain the importance of meeting basic needs of every child, developing secure attachments with caregivers, and supporting growth and learning in an intentional way, to support cognition and brain development in your little one!


Creative Curriculum Developmental Milestones Objectives:

  • Regulating own emotions and behavior

  • Establishing and sustaining positive relationships

  • Demonstrating Traveling and Balancing Skills

  • Demonstrating gross and fine motor strength and coordination

  • Listening and understanding Language

  • Using Language to express thoughts and needs

  • Demonstrating a positive approach to learning 

  • Remembers and connects experiences

  • Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses

  • Demonstrating emergent writing skills

  • Using number concepts and operations

Infants, Toddlers and Twos

Kiddie Campus's curriculum for Infant, Toddler and Twos --The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos® --provides a comprehensive framework emphasizing that relationships between caregivers/teachers and children and their families form the basis of curriculum for very young children.


The first year of your child’s life is an amazing time of growth and is a building block for future stages of development. Our infant program is designed to stimulate your baby’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. You will notice the warm, caring environment and our dedication to cleanliness and sanitation. Every infant has his/her own crib and special care is taken to personalize your child’s resting space, with pictures of your family. Our classroom is filled with educational and age-appropriate toys, materials and books, to encourage safe exploration and provide intellectual stimulation.



Your toddler is asserting his/her independence in new ways every day.  We recognize that children at this age may be at very different stages of development, and individualize our program to meet the needs of every child.  Toddlers learn through sensory experiences that enhance their cognitive, language, motor and social skills.


Your toddler is starting to develop friendships and gain confidence as they use their words and thoughts to interact with others.  We believe that it is important for your toddler to express himself/herself creatively and are committed to providing opportunities and experiences to promote their unique skills and interests. Your child will spend his/her day creating, exploring, listening to music and stories, singing, role playing and learning!


Your two-year old is entering a world of rapid development in many areas, and is eager for attention and challenges.  He/she is filled with energy and curiosity, and is developing a new sense of increasing independence.


Our teachers provide the structure and guidance your child needs throughout the day as he/she learns to share, get along with others and perform tasks that require a longer attention span. More than just daycare, it includes listening to stories, singing songs, playing games and participating in creative expression help your child develop language and vocabulary skills, as well as movement and sensory motor skills. When your child starts to show an interest in using the toilet, we will partner with you to develop an appropriate plan of action for toilet training. Our teachers offer an abundance of individualized attention and superior care.  Our teachers are committed to providing your child with the appropriate resources and experiences to promote a readiness for the next step into Preschool!


The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool translates new research and theory from the field of early childhood education into a practical, easy-to-understand approach to working with children and their families. It is a comprehensive curriculum that includes a framework for decision making along with a focus on interest areas. 

The Creative Curriculum®  for Preschool guides teachers in planning a child care program that includes Choice Time, Small- and Large-Group Time, The Arts, Math and Literacy, Technology, Music and Movement, Cooking, Sand and Water Experiences, Toys and Games, Discovery and Studies that integrate learning across all the content areas. The outdoor environment is designed to provide an extension to the classroom, and to allow various science and discovery experiences.


The Preschool & 4K Early Childhood Educational program at Kid Central and Kiddie Campus is a comprehensive program that supports kindergarten readiness and individual growth.

Children are involved in active learning. We believe children must be actively engaged in the activities and projects that children and staff choose. All activities have a variety of choices because we focus on process and not product. Ample materials are available for children to explore. Children and staff are discussing and sharing their observations and learning experiences.

Our environment consists of a variety of materials: recycled and natural items, commercial and real life. Our environment reflects the cultures and home languages of the children and families we serve. Our materials are labeled – enabling children to locate and return items to their original location. The aesthetics of the classroom are important. You will see beautiful, home-like environments with natural colors and lighting, plants and items that represent the community of children, families and staff.

We implement a daily routine that provides a balance of small and large groups, time to be alone, time for children to interact, time for children and adults to engage in meaningful dialogue. We also provide a balance of inside and outside explorations. There is flexibility in our routine based on the emerging needs and interests of the children. At the same time we believe children need a consistent, predictable routine.

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